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Cybersecurity, also referred to as Information Technology Security, is applying a combination of technologies, processes, controls and strategies to protect computer-based systems and networks from cyber-attacks. The main aim of cybersecurity solutions is to reduce or eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks.

What are cyber-attacks?

A cyber-attack is any malicious attempt to access, alter, destroy, expose, or obtain information through unauthorized means or use of an asset without the owner’s authority.
We have a team of specialists who continually and proactively monitor and assess vulnerabilities in your systems and network and the potential cyber threats. We use this and other information to develop a comprehensive threat intelligence that helps us provide resilient cybersecurity solutions.
Our experts have vast and deep knowledge of old, modern and emerging cyber threats and how to mitigate them. Some of these threats and attacks include but not limited to:
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The need for cybersecurity

The direct and indirect costs associated with cybersecurity breaches is very high and still rising. Individuals and organized groups have commercialized cyber-crime. Moreover, there is a rise in Internet-of-Things and new devices which are not secure nor compliant by design. These and other factors have created a need for cybersecurity.

Our cybersecurity Solutions

Over the years, we have developed a series of resilient and high-performance cyber security solutions which guarantee advanced protection from cyberattacks. We continually monitor your systems to identify any network, applications and endpoint vulnerabilities and develop a custom vulnerability management system that is effective.

We ensure your systems are compliant and secure by design. We also offer cybersecurity awareness training and help design a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in case of a zero-day attack or disaster.
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Why choose us

At Verified Safe, we understand the need for IT compliance and security based on many years of experience and expertise in cybersecurity. We will offer you value-based, professional and custom cyber security solutions that suit your current and future needs.

Our dedicated team of experts provide prompt, uncompromised and professional support 24/7. To be on the safe side, take the first step of securing your IT systems and network; contact us now before it is too late.