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Cyber Security Solutions Set The Proper Context

Mikko Hypponen, one of the most renowned and trusted cyber security researchers in the world, shared 5 of these trends and we think you should know about them.

Cyber Security Solutions Set The Proper Context | Cyber Security Solutions that impact all of us, as users.

Why you need cyber security solutions?

1. Nation states may be robbing banks

It’s a known fact that nation states often create malware, especially for cyber espionage, but things may be a bit more complicated than we realize. The full article will set the proper context.

Cyber Security Solutions that impact all of us, as users.

2. Ransomware is not going away.

The technology associated with ransomware keeps evolving, as cyber criminals incorporate new tactics.

These apply to both technical aspects and the social engineering tricks played by attackers to lure potential victims.

3. Cybercrime as a business is growing.

Online attackers are making big money off ransomware and other financial malware, but not only that.

They’re building what you could call “business empires”, complete with teams of developers, a business strategy and the skills to implement it.

4. Poor passwords are still a pain

Although cyber security specialists have been saying this for years, users continue to use weak passwords and, what’s worse, reuse them. This creates huge problems, especially in the event of a data breach.

Cyber criminals only have to try and see if those users have reused their passwords to gain control of millions of accounts.

We really hope you don’t do this.

5. Cyber crime empires are bigger than you can imagine

No one can fully track all the money, cyber criminals are making transaction amount to astounding sums!

If these cyber crime-as-a-business enterprises would be legitimate, they would be HUGE!

You can make your own network secure by using authorization. A firewall forms a barrier between a secure, internal, private network and another, nonsecure, network like the Internet. Internet users can be given permission to connect from the Internet through the firewall, which are available through the internal network.

Authentication, through built-in support for user IDs and passwords that are authenticated by applications servers.

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