Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Isn’t Just an Attack on You—But Everything You’ve Worked For

We’ve all had the terrorizing thought—What would happen if my identity was stolen? 

It’s no secret that identity theft can cripple your finances, and if a thief gets ahold of your information, the first thing they’re going to do is make a slew of purchases, open new accounts to get even more money, get medical care at your expense, commit crimes in your name—the statistics are horrendous.

In fact, identity theft is one of the ten biggest threats to businesses, and bank account seizures are escalating rapidly.

Unfortunately, cutting edge tech has empowered thieves to steal using email, social media, streaming accounts, and phone numbers to impersonate and fool merchants—and even banks. Thieves will even find their way to HR personnel you work with using your email, and have documents with your SSN sent directly to them.

Worst of all, predators target kids because their credit scores are clean slates that can be ravaged.

When your credit score is destroyed, it can be a major financial and emotional burden. Victims of identity theft have seen their families dissolve—and lose medical records, college funds, retirement accounts, reputations and more.

You don’t want to be left paying the bills for years because some criminal decided to attack you.

Take control of your identity into your own hands. Verified Safe Cyber Security Solutions can help you monitor, alert, control, recover, and safeguard your family and your business from identity theft.

We have partnered with Identity Force to provide you with identity protection at a special discounted rate — 30% off retail pricing. Identity Force, a company that has nearly 40 years of experience, combines advanced detection technology, real-time alerts, 24/7 support, and identity recovery to provide maximum identity security.

There are two Identity Theft Protection plans to choose from: Ultra Secure and Ultra Secure+Credit. Ultra Secure, priced at $14.95 monthly, monitors your personal information 24/7, alerts you if it is compromised, and is backed with $1 million identity theft insurance. Ultra Secure+Credit, priced at $19.95 monthly, provides all the benefits of Ultra Secure, plus 3-bureau credit monitoring, scores, reports, credit score simulator, and more.

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