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Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions to Increase Security Posture 20233

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  • Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions to Increase Security Posture 20233

Many organizations are already subscribed to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, but they may not be aware of all the functionality of how to Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions

Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions

With more businesses moving their operations online, it is essential to understand how to leverage the security controls offered by these licensing SKUs and increase your security posture in the cloud.

CIS Benchmarks for Cloud Security Controls
The Center for Internet Security (CIS) creates benchmarks for a secure configuration of cloud services that can help organizations increase their security posture. The benchmarks include best practices for setting up and configuring cloud providers like Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as other cloud-based applications. These benchmarks are based on industry-accepted guidelines and provide comprehensive guidance on how to protect your data in the cloud.

Using CIS Benchmarks
Using CIS Benchmarks is a great way to ensure that your organization is taking advantage of all the security controls available with your current Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions. By following the guidelines set forth by these standards, you can make sure that you have implemented all the available measures necessary to protect your data in the cloud. Additionally, using CIS Benchmarks will allow you to stay compliant with industry regulations and ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your data safe.

Implementing Best Practices
Once you have identified which security controls are included in your subscription, it is important to implement best practices for setting up each one. This should include creating strong passwords, configuring access control lists, enabling two-factor authentication wherever possible, and ensuring that all users are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to protecting their accounts. Additionally, implementing logging and monitoring solutions will help you stay on top of any suspicious activity or potential threats so that they can be addressed quickly.

Implementing CIS Benchmark standards is an effective way to increase your organization’s security posture in the cloud while you Leverage Your Cloud Subscriptions such as Microsoft 365 and Azure. By understanding what security controls are available through these subscriptions and implementing best practices when setting them up, you can ensure that your data remains safe in the cloud environment. Additionally, using CIS Benchmarks will help keep your organization compliant with industry regulations while also providing peace of mind knowing that you have taken every measure possible to secure your data from potential threats or attacks.