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Penetration testing

We offer penetration testing services to businesses that want to ensure that their websites are safe from hacking threats. With the internet getting bigger, more businesses are looking for experienced and expert hackers to test their security systems.

Penetration Testing is a process where an external hacker from Verified Safe attempts to identify weaknesses in your website’s security. Our security experts exploit any existing vulnerabilities in order to get insight into how much of your site could potentially be compromised. By testing the strength and weaknesses of your websites’ security systems, we are able to significantly mitigate the risks that are associated with it.

By using our professional service, we can help you identify vulnerabilities in your system so that you have time to address them and patch up the holes before anyone takes advantage of them. Our penetration testing services are also aimed at educating businesses on how to secure their systems from threats before they ever occur.

We are always available to provide the information that you need through our dedicated customer support staff. So get in touch with us today if you have any questions!