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What is Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is a threat intelligence strategy that automates continuous monitoring of an organization’s IT security controls, vulnerabilities, and cyberthreats and sends the collected information to a Security information and event management (SIEM) system.
We use the SIEM system to analyze the information and generate reports that support an organization’s risk management efforts. Continuous monitoring ensures the incident responder gets real-time information ranging from zero-day attacks, hacking attempts, security misconfigurations, and Denial-of-service attacks, among others.

What Is the Importance of Continuous Monitoring?

Many organizations rely on technology to run mission-critical operations and support clients’ delivery of products and services. This requires the deployment of many and varied technologies, which can be overwhelming to monitor.

Additionally, these mission-critical technologies require continuous monitoring to ensure data and systems’ availability, confidentiality, and integrity. These factors underpin the need for constant monitoring. The benefits of continuous monitoring include:

Why Work with Us

At Verified Safe, we have cutting-edge technologies which ensure real-time monitoring of your mission-critical systems and a high-performance Security Incident and Event Management system run by professionals.

We will work with you to identify your mission-critical systems and infrastructure, profile them based on their risks, and develop controls that mitigate the identified risks. Our experienced experts will then implement a continuous monitoring system, test it against the controls and ensure they are effective.

We will keep updating your continuous monitoring plan to ensure its effectiveness amidst changes in business operations and its environment. Call us today at +615-547-9563 or visit our offices at 305 East High Street Suite-B Lebanon, Tennessee 37087 to get our value-based services at an affordable price.