Verified Safe Cyber Security Solutions


Security Awareness Training is a set of continuous and proactive awareness programs meant to equip employees and other users with knowledge about cybersecurity and necessary skills to caution against cyberattacks.

An effective training program ensures that employees understand the risks associated with their actions and working environment. It also helps them know the cyberthreats they are prone to, identify and mitigate a cyberattack, and report cybersecurity incidences.

What does Security awareness training entail?

Security awareness training programs may vary from one organization to another, depending on their needs. However, there are common topics that often feature in most of our training programs. Such topics include but are not limited to:

Importance of Security Awareness Training

Users can be the weakest link in an organization’s IT security framework. It is wise to say, your organization is as secure as the user or employee with the least knowledge in IT and security awareness and is using a device that is not secured nor compliant. This underpins the need for security awareness training. So, why is security awareness training necessary?

Why Choose Our Trainers

At Verified Safe, we have a team of professional trainers and trainers of trainers who have extensive knowledge in cybersecurity and the expertise in delivering informative, impactful, and effective security awareness training programs.

We deploy a holistic approach to cybersecurity awareness training. We develop a custom, informative, and engaging training program based on the existing systems, technologies in use, user needs, and expertise among the IT team. We also consider the current level of IT knowledge and security awareness amongst the staff in an organization. Contact us now, and we will help you turn your users into the most impactful shield and leverage against cyberattacks.