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What Are Managed Security Services (MSS)?

MSS is a range of security products and services provided by an IT firm and managed onsite or rendered remotely to the client. MSS provides a systematic, professional and technical approach to managing an organization’s IT security needs.

The Need for Managed Security Services

Most organizations’ core business is not on the provision of IT products or services. However, they use IT to support their business operations and service delivery to clients. Additionally, the cyber threats landscape is becoming broader and more profound, making it hard for the organization to keep up with new trends and information on new threats and cyberattack tactics and techniques.
On the other hand, contracting a managed security service provider has the following benefits:

Our Managed Security Services

At Verified Safe, we provide cutting-edge and proactive Managed Security Services to protect your mission-critical systems, networks, and data. We provide a series of managed security services which include but are not limited to:

Why Hire Us

At verified Safe, we have unmatched IT security expertise and modern technologies that guarantee the protection of your IT assets 24/7. We will ensure that your systems are continually monitored and effectively manage IT administrative tasks as you handle business management functions and overall security governance. Talk to us today, and let us help you do the heavy lifting for you.