Smart, optimized, connected security solutions

Smart, optimized, connected security solutions

Improve visibility and simplify security management across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Detect, analyze, and prevent ransomware, advanced threats, and targeted attacks. Protect users and their information – on any device, any application, anywhere.

Over 500,000 companies worldwide rely on Trend Micro to do business safely.

Virus is a form of malware that can copy itself so it can spread to other computers. Viruses attach themselves to other computer programs and execute malicious commands when the victim uses those compromised programs. Thus, viruses rely on the victim’s activity to spread.

Trojan horse is a malware that’s able to disguise itself as a normal file, to trick victims into downloading and installing more malware on their devices.

Rootkit is a type of malicious software (but not always) which gives the attackers privileged access to a computer. A rootkit is activated before the operating system boots up, so antivirus can’t detect it.

Bot is a malicious code engineered to perform specific tasks. They can be both harmless and malicious. More on bad bots in Daily Security Tip #97 (coming your way soon).

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