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Al Ardosa

Cyber Security Programmer


Al Ardosa is a long-time open source and Javascript and PHP enthusiast. Started with the classic ground up development using LAMP stack around 2002 and grew into the PHP and Javascript Frameworks for MVC world with MEAN Stack, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Yii Laravel and AngularJS.

Solid experience in IT Industry, Project Management, Software Development, System Analysis and Design, Agile Development, Web Development and Programming.

Specialties: Leading, Web Developing, Programming, Web Development and Design, Web Marketing, Offline Marketing, Offline and Online Business Development.

About Al Ardosa
A computer expert with outstanding experience in Web and Mobile Responsive with strong background in Native PHP, PHP Framewoks , Scrum Methodology, Project Management, Leading Team of Web Developers, App Developers, SEO and QAs.

Small businesses and professionals just like dental practitioners, legal professionals, moving firm, retail business and even government agencies are some of the clients satisfied for the web and mobile development of Al Ardosa.

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