Troy Williams

Troy Williams

CEO and President


About Troy Williams

Troy Williams has always been a “work-in-progress”!

Troy earned his License as a private investigator in Tennessee some 25 years ago. He has attended annual “mandatory” training sessions during those years to satisfy the requirements of the Private Investigation Commission of the State of Tennessee.

During his private investigation assignments Troy saw a pattern emerging. That pattern was the increasing attack on private data from outside sources. Verified-Safe was formed to meet the changing demands of keeping sensitive information secure. Troy has attended numerous training sessions adding hundreds of hours beyond the “mandatory” training required for licensure. Because the cyber-attacks change every day, Troy knows that his education must keep pace with the threats.

Today, Troy is on the cutting edge of providing total security from attacks on computers and other electronic devices. His services are affordable and provide around the clock protection for your sensitive information. His services run in the background and intercept new attacks before they become successful in breaching your data.

It only takes one careless employee to cause a big issue. You can never expose your employees to too many security tips! The more you educate employees on security awareness the better your chances become in not falling victim to a data breach.

Does your business need help with educating your employees about cyber security? Call Troy today and learn, without any obligation, how you can have peace of mind concerning the security of information entrusted to your care.


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